Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Puppy is a Monster

So I knew puppies were hard work and that it would take a lot of energy and time out of me.....but I never realized how much stress they can cause a person!!......that being said Crimson is a such a sweet pup but he is getting to be a handful....this morning I woke up at about 9 am and ran outside and put Crimson on his leash thing thats screwed into the ground so he could go to the restroom and then I ran inside to go brush my teeth and use the restroom too..the typical morning duties...well I thought buying Crimson the leash in the ground thing would be perfect...I could just let him outside for a few minutes or however long and then go get him and everything would be fine.....but little to my knowledge Crimson likes to jump onto I hear this barking and scratching at the door so I run outside and Crimson, wanting me to let him inside, had scratched my parents 3500$ brand new front door....I freaked out and pretty much had a heart attack...but thankfully my soon to be father-in-law used to own a windows and doors company and he luckily was able to repair the door....which I'm so thankful for because I definitely DO NOT have 4000 dollars to just give ALL day I've been mad at Crimson...but now everything worked out and things are all better!!!

Me and My Baby Boy

He Looks Sweet But...

He's a Monster...

And hates his leash....seriously?

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