Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Puppy is a Monster

So I knew puppies were hard work and that it would take a lot of energy and time out of me.....but I never realized how much stress they can cause a person!!......that being said Crimson is a such a sweet pup but he is getting to be a handful....this morning I woke up at about 9 am and ran outside and put Crimson on his leash thing thats screwed into the ground so he could go to the restroom and then I ran inside to go brush my teeth and use the restroom too..the typical morning duties...well I thought buying Crimson the leash in the ground thing would be perfect...I could just let him outside for a few minutes or however long and then go get him and everything would be fine.....but little to my knowledge Crimson likes to jump onto I hear this barking and scratching at the door so I run outside and Crimson, wanting me to let him inside, had scratched my parents 3500$ brand new front door....I freaked out and pretty much had a heart attack...but thankfully my soon to be father-in-law used to own a windows and doors company and he luckily was able to repair the door....which I'm so thankful for because I definitely DO NOT have 4000 dollars to just give ALL day I've been mad at Crimson...but now everything worked out and things are all better!!!

Me and My Baby Boy

He Looks Sweet But...

He's a Monster...

And hates his leash....seriously?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I cannot believe it is already July 12...I feel like I just wrote in here yesterday!! This summer has FLOWN by that's for sure...anyway I've been really busy as usual...but I've accomplished a lot more of the wedding planning...Kim and I went to Bravura yesterday, which is a Bridal and Formal Wear boutique up at the Avenues...and I believe hopefully we found a bridesmaid dress...its very pretty..but it will be a surprise so you'll just have to wait and see :)...also my wedding dress came in and I absolutely love it!!! its perfect..I'm so happy...I just want to wear it everyday haha...6 more months I keep telling feels so far away....but most of all November needs to get here even FASTER so I can see my handsome fiance who I miss more than words themselves can say...It's getting really hard him being away and its only been 3 months..I'm halfway done!! I don't see how other woman last a year and sometimes even definitely makes you appreciate the time you have with them...there's not a second I don't go without missing him...and I just can't wait for him to be home and finally in my arms again!!I Anyway I need to go get some sleep since Crimson has been waking me up at 5 am every morning which is not cool in my book that being said I'm exhausted!! Goodnight :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Time Flies.......

Hey yall....I've been super busy but hopefully I'll be able to write more often now...I had school all this month which totally kicked my butt and unfortunately I had to drop my class...I literally studied all day and night and was making my first C/D...I was very very upset about it...but I couldn't afford to make a C let alone a D and it effect my GPA so I decided to withdraw....Knowing I gave it my all and wasn't successful made me feel like a failure at first....but then I came to my senses and knew that I gave it my best and thats all the matters lol so pathetic I know...

Anway, I had to give away Crimson due to moving situations and all that...but after about a month or so..I received a message from his new family stating that he just wasn't getting along with their dogs and it was just too much on them...Which I can totally understand.. 3 dogs and a newborn is A LOT to handle especially when they arent getting after long negotiating with my parents they let me take him back..which I am SOO excited for because I've decided to take the fall semester off of school due to I only have 2 more classes to take in order to get accepted into the sonography program...but in order for any science class to transfer I have to take them in a sequence at one school...I can't take them at 2 separate schools...its tough but school will always be here so I'm not worried about taking some time off..

Also, my wedding dress came in last week...My mother and I went to try on a dress I found in a boutique and I absolutely fell head over heals in love with it...but since it was designer it was like a 2000-3000 dollar dress and I just find it ridiculous to spend that much money on a dress I'm going to wear for 4-5 hours and never wear that being said we decided to go to plan b and find someone to make a replicate of it for much cheaper....soo the dress came in and it was horrible!!! I absolutely hated it....I haven't had any bridezilla moments..let alone I never thought I would since I'm pretty laid back about all the planning and all that stuff...but this dress caused me to turn into bridezilla....lets just say I was not a happy after my little freak out my friend Steph convinced me to still go try on other the next day My mother, Stephanie, and I went looking and the first dress I tried on was the one I ended up buying...So everything worked out in the end :) I'm a happy bride and I cannot wait to marry the most handsome man in the world :)...I definitely am one lucky girl!!!!

Well I am hoping to be more persistent about writing in here instead of every month or so...just things have been super hectic the past couple of months!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Miss Those Blue Eyes.....

So this month has been crazy busy!! I ended up getting the pup..which I named Crimson after Zack since he wasn't here to pick out the dog...he gets the name for him!! But i love love love Crimson! he is such an awesome dog! I've taught him to sit, lay down, shake, and high five already!! I am pretty impressed with myself considering it's my first dog ever...but he is a hand full....anyway Crimson has helped with Zack being gone and kept my mind off him A LOT...but it's really hitting me hard now that he's been gone..I'm already used to the whole long distance ordeal..but I think with not even being able to talk whenever we want  makes it 10 times harder...but I'm so lucky to have a man as good to me as Zack...he is everything I want in a man..I couldn't be more happy :)...Zack also decided to send me flowers to my work which were absolutely gorgeous...

My babe Crimson
Crimson and his girlfriend Mattie

the beautiful flowers Zack sent me :)!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So I've been wanting a puppy for a VERY long time and I just haven't had very good luck...but I found the cutest puppy today at the pound and finally put in an application for him...there is one application ahead of mine so cross your fingers he doesn't get adopted!!!
Look how precious!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Chicago Trip/Engagement

So I couldn't make it out for Zack's birthday in February so I decided to use some Airtran giftcards and let him chose wherever he wanted me to take him for his present.  Well he chose Chicago!! It was probably one of the most exciting and fun vacations I have ever been on.  Of course I thought this was going to be my birthday present to him, but he decided to make it a little trip about the both of us.  On the second night there we were hanging out at the top of the Sear's Tower, which overlooks the entire city.  They were about to close down for the night and we figured we might as well hangout up there until they kicked us out.  So we are just sitting by a window and hanging out and Zack said he had to go to the restroom so I was just like ok...and was playing on Facebook on my phone.  Well he comes back and was like get off your phone..and of course the little brat that I can be.. I kind of just looked at him like ok?? and still played on it...well he then said it again but this time a little bit more stern about it. So I threw the phone in my purse thinking ohh great I just really upset him for some reason......but he then said I have a serious question to ask you. And then he popped the big question!! Of course we had talked about it but I definitely was not expecting it on the Chicago trip!!! I was very surprised and I couldn't be happier. He is the absolute love of my life!

Chicago Millenium Park

Zack infront of the Chicago Tribute

Zack infront of the John Hancock building
John Hancock

right before the engagement!

dark...but cool picture of the city

celebrating with a bottle of champagne!